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3 GSP specialized in high-added value videoconferencing services : remote meetings, online events, webinars and interactive webTV , remote simultaneous interpretation and equipment of meetings' and conferences' rooms.

3GSP allows customers to enhance their content by broadcasting live or delayed on the web. The webinar or online conference-seminar-training is part of the communication strategy of the companies who want regular access to a large target audience. Viewers can follow the webinar from anywhere using a PC connected and interact in writing or orally with the speakers. The webinar can be recorded; it enriches and powering the websites of our clients.

3 GSP offers turnkey solutions: clients focus on their content and 3GSP manages all the control remotely.

3GSP services stand out in 5 marks :

  1. Reenion :Videoconferencing service for remote meetings without installation
  2. E-vent : Traditonal events with remote speakers and viewers
  3. 2buzz.tv : Webinars and interactive web TV
  4. Akcento : Simultaneous remote interpretation
  5. DooDee : Hardware and innovation lab

3GSP was founded in 2007 to provide video conferencing services on PCs and Macs without installation using only standard office equipment. At that time, only very expensive large equipment allowed video conferencing. While more than 80% of the meetings by videoconference connect no more than 4 remote sites, 3GSP specializes in resilience of meetings. When meetings involve more than 4 sites, the performance of the meeting is influenced by an accumulation of challenges related to organizational and technical aspects.

Throughout its development, and in collaboration with its customers, 3GSP has provided solutions to ensure the effectiveness of remote meetings in unfavorable conditions (large number of remote sites, low bandwidth, and inexperienced attendees). The 3GSP team also equips videoconferencing rooms using only standard hardware (screen, camera, audio) and with a very low budget, making the return on investment very fast and rendering these rooms very versatile.

3GSP is chosen for its ability to provide a quality service in complex conditions by MSF (Doctors without borders), the Indian Ocean Commission (meetings between the various islands in the Indian Ocean), DGO6 (international jury for research projects), the University of Namur (defending theses online) and many others

Webinar, Webcast, and web TV ... because our customers have an demanding communication strategy, we implemented a set of services that enables our customers to deliver content efficiently and economically to remote conferences in a broadcast fashion. 3GSP offers the ability to communicate through the creation of TV channels online at a fraction of the budget of a presence in a trade show. For example, Royal Canin communicates regularly with prescribing veterinarians about their products through this channel.

To achieve these goals, 3GSP concentrates its strategy along 3 axes :
  1. Guaranteed results (resilience, service availability, efficiency) through the proven videoconferencing service (data, video) and an integrated conference bridge.
  2. Remote assistance (remote control panel) so that users can focus on the content of their meetings.
  3. Implementing high-value innovations

  • Remote interpretation of meetings (interpreters operate anywhere in the world, ideal for short events or meetings in risk zones);
  • 360° camera with speech detection, integrated in our videoconferencing platform;
  • remote control of camera and audio (the control panel of an event can be managed remotely);
  • Individual soundproof desktop booths (mobile studio, open space ...)
  • As we build our business in an ever increasing international setting, we are a rapidly expanding our team of professionals with a presence across the world. We currently have offices in Belgium, Netherlands, Switzerland, Spain, Mauritius Island and Brazil.
    At the basis of 3GSP are the two founders François Xavier Despret and Sander Kruger who both have a long standing career in software development.
    Their history goes back to 1998 when Sander and François-Xavier worked together for Philips Speech Technologies. Subsequently both joined Supplitel, a start-up in voice-operated portals based out of Switzerland. At a later stage these activities were taken over by Monaco Telecom who spun off the activity in 2002. In 2004 François-Xavier and Sander sold their shares to a venture capitalist and created 3-GSP the same year.
    François-Xavier Despret is the CEO of 3GSP and as such is responsible for business development, strategy and marketing of the 3GSP services. François-Xavier holds a Masters degree in science from the University of Namur (Belgium) and a Post graduate degree in Business (IESCM Brussels).
    Sander Kruger is the COO at 3GSP. In his current role he heads up the technical team and together with them he is responsible for all technical development, deployment and implementation. Sander is a graduate in Computer Science and Mathematics from the Delft University of Technology (NL).
    First of all we are united by our mission: to be at the forefront of innovation of business communication processes. To excel as a service provider and to be a trusted partner for our customers. Using our know-how we transform chaotic collaboration into knowledge-based decision making.
    The innovative edge of 3GSP lies in the cross-fertilisation of its expertise in telecommunications and IT, supporting a convergent communications strategy.
    We at 3GSP are at the forefront of technology. It's what makes us tick and gets us up in the morning. But, more than just technology freaks our reason for being is to bring technology to the heart of where it matters most: our customers and their associates.
    We also know that not everyone is as mad about technology as we are.
    Which is why :
    • we develop and provide our innovative solutions to our customers as a service. This means that our customers will always have our latest technology and update available at no surcharge
    • we develop our software around the needs of common users and that excel in highly intuitive ergonomics. Thus you don't need to be an expert to quickly and effectively use our tools.
    • In all we do we focus on the delivery of a managed infrastructure, a ubiquitous delivery platform. In all of our products installation and support requirements are minimal.
    In our vision, we expect the next generation of knowledge workers in a global economy to expect remote collaboration to be as natural as being in the same room. REENION™ is the virtual meeting service of choice for its ease of use, reliability and ubiquity.


    I can see what you say

    Our virtual collaboration platform enables people to get together without having to spend time to travel. Organizing meetings is extremely easy due to the Microsoft Outlook™ integrated scheduling facility (in the Group license). Everyone can join, within your company or outside suppliers since the software works with any Linux, Mac or Windows web browser and requires no additional installation. Once united in the meeting all participants can share documents in real time and make notes and comments. Furthermore all participants can see one another if they have installed and enabled a webcam.

    Double channel

    I hear you think, what’s this all about, you don’t expect me to understand difficult technical terms to appreciate your service? True, we don’t. But we’re sure you like to read about QUALITY. Well, double channel is about just that: Sound Quality with capital “Q”.
    We use a blend of new and existing techniques, each for information that it’s best at transferring; phone for audio, web for the visuals. That’s what we call double channel quality! A demo will convince you; effective collaboration with CD quality 20 kHz audio without noises, freezing, hollow sound or other phenomena typical of VoIP. And good use of the Internet bandwidth for the transfer of supporting visual information, be it a presentation, notes you make together or the sharing of your desktop!

    Resilience of the meeting / Quality / Reliability

    Following rapid technological progress, web conferencing has become a very powerful alternative that delivers productivity, efficiency, and cost effectiveness unknown to traditional telephone conferencing.
    Most web-centric conferencing services were conceived to share data and video visually. Treating voice as a complementary channel in communication, this was never included or bolted on at a later stage. As a result most vendors still expect their users to organize a traditional conference call in parallel -if they care for decent quality vocal communication- or alternatively have them resort to Internet Telephony (VoIP) with all its associated pitfalls (see the telephony section in our FAQ).
    We at 3-GSP have taken a different approach; Since voice is by far the first and most important channel of communication, with us this forms an integral part of your meetings and offers a remarkable quality and ease of use. Our dual channel dramatically improves the resilience of your meetings since an attendee will never completely loose touch with the meeting in case of a hiccup on either the Internet or phone network.
    The 3-GSP guarantee is that the organizer and participants, using our technology will be able to concentrate on their meeting, not the technology or making it work! The system has been conceived to offer a very high level of availability (over 99.997%) but also to prevent the meeting from fall backs in service due to unexpected or unforeseen participant behavior.
    In short; from the moment you or others join through to the end of a meeting, all participants are 100% available in the meeting.


    No one other than yourself or your invitees will be able to “Open sesame” your meetings. This is because all meetings are fully secured, with individual meeting numbers and PIN codes that only the participants to meeting have access to. Our meetings are open only for the duration of the meeting so no one can stay in any longer than the chairman of the meeting. And don’t worry about forgetting your codes either; they are included in your communication, not to others.
    With 256 bit SSL encryption of the data exchange between the computers of the participants of the meeting and the central server there is no way that any of the information that is shared in a meeting will fall into the hands of others. On top of that our servers are hosted in fully secured data centers. Trust us, our competitors know!

    “Count-me-InTM Implementation Method

    From experience we know that just the decision for a virtual collaboration platform isn’t good enough. For an implementation to be successful a strong commitment to the project objectives is needed at all levels of the organization. With our tested implementation method, we help companies define these objectives and we work together with the project champion to implement the process change.
    1. Engagement from Senior Management
    2. Assign an Internal Project Champion
    3. Establish Internal Communication + Training
    4. Define measure(s) for success
    5. Publish KPI / Scoreboard once per month

    Ultimate flexibility

    With the different packages that we offer, we are sure to be able to respond to your every desire in terms of flexibility. Whether you need a corporate solution with a monthly installment, or the flexibility to only pay for our services as you need them, we have it…
    I was amazed at how easy it was to adopt. The support team has made me confident to invite first-time users without a problem. It’s really great that I can use it with people outside my organization.
    Danny Barrs, BCS, Luxembourg

    This is the best alternative I’ve seen to taking the M1 to London. Reenion has given me back so much time to do useful things, and my customers just love it.
    Stuart Ashmore, Guide Finance, UK

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    Video and Audio! We had the privilege to be present on Belgian national television during primetime for a minute. The short film produced and edited by the excellent Laurent Ingels of Ovoid (www.eyes-editing.com) can be viewed beside.

    Interviewed of 3GSP on the Belgian national radio

    We were also interviewed on the Belgian national radio for 6 minutes. Thanks to the great questions of the journalist Arnaud Quittelier, we had the opportunity to clarify the key differentiators of our solution. We invite you to listen to us and give us your opinion.

    Interview Sander Kruger, CTO of 3GSP:

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